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Series AR Constant Pressure Regulator “EnergyBox”

“Stop continuously dumping expensive, conditioned air by installing a Series AR, EnergyBox. The EnergyBox is a fully modulating, variable speed control system that completely utilizes the diversity of the building’s operation. The lower energy usage is easily achieved by monitoring the operation of the local exhaust fan and providing a constant pressure in the main exhaust duct or riser. The EnergyBox is a constant pressure regulator suitable for a variety of exhaust systems on all types of buildings – new construction or retrofit renovations. Typically used on kitchen hood or bathroom exhaust systems serving multi-story residential buildings, the EnergyBox is a packaged control system that is engineered for easy installation since additional control wiring is not necessary—the control wiring is installed at the factory. Designed for outdoor installation, the EnergyBox is mounted near the exhaust fan; the duct probe is sent down the exhaust riser to monitor the exhaust system’s pressure.”

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